Exhibit 2.0

[[glossary definition:=Exhibit enables web site authors to create dynamic exhibits of their collections without resorting to complex database and server-side technologies. The collections can be searched and browsed using faceted browsing. Assorted views are provided including tiles, maps, etc.]]

This is the official Exhibit site with live examples.


How to make your own exhibits How to help us improve Exhibit
Quick Link: Migrating to 2.0
See exhibits made by us and other people
For the academically inclined, here's a paper (draft).

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As of March 27 2008, Exhibit has moved over to Google

The original mailing list still exists but please move over all discussions of Exhibit, Timeline, Timeplot, and Timegrid to the Google mailing list.

The following links are left in for historical reasons


This software is developed from the research in the Haystack group and the User Interface Design group at MIT CSAIL, and maintained by the SIMILE project.

The development team for this software includes: