Fresnel is a vocabulary for displaying RDF. The prefix preferred prefix:=fresnel: is often used. The main goals are to help developers stop reinventing the wheel and, more broadly, to provide portable descriptions of resources that function similarly independent of the rendering browser, making it easy for users to visually reconcile what they see with what they already recognize regardless of which software they use.

SIMILE has been part of the development of the Fresnel vocabulary and has also produced a Java engine for parsing and applying Fresnel configurations. This page deals exclusively with the code. For more on the actual vocabulary, you can read the Fresnel user manual and see other related material on the official Fresnel page.

Getting The Code

The Fresnel engine is a free standing library, used in Longwell but not dependent on it. It does depend on other libraries, especially Sesame. The code can be found at (see also the repository history).

The build system is somewhat complicated if you want to generate everything; see the README.txt file. You shouldn't need to start from scratch, however, so you should be able to ignore everything outside of the main build system, which is based on Maven2. Running mvn package is sufficient for you to roll your own fresnel.jar.

Using the Engine

See Using Fresnel.

Bugs? Features?

Please file all Fresnel code-related issues under the Longwell project in our issue tracker.

Vocabulary Details

glossary definition:=An RDF vocabulary used to help display RDF.