It is currently used for post-processing JSON output from Crowbar.

Web Interface

To use Juggler's web interface, browse to:


The default Javascript code assumes that the data is in JSON format, e.g.,

   items: [ 1, 2, 3 ]

There are several library functions available to your code; please see below.

The text your code will get passed is in the variable


In the command line mode, your code can in fact get more than just one input source (e.g., from several files or URLs), which is useful for merging JSON files together.

Command Line Interface

To use Juggler at the command line, download this JAR


And then invoke it (on a single line)

 java -jar juggler.jar 
   -code (the javascript code file) 
   -out-file (output file) 
   -file (input file 1) 
   -file (input file 2) 

Here is a sample code file that takes several JSON files and merge their "items" fields together.

Library Functions

We'll document these library functions later when we get a chance, but for now, please browse their code here.