LinkedIn Scraper

This scraper scrapes contacts from Run it on "My profile" page to crape all your 2nd degree network (evreybody up to friends' friends).


Currently it scrapes:

  • foaf:name (contact name)
  • foaf:homepage (LinkedIn public profile page)
  • foaf:knows (links from one person to another)

Wish list

  • verify if it scrapes also all '1st degree' contacts when they are paginated
  • coordinates for contact's country
  • more profile info to foaf - affiliation from experience, see also from web pages,...


It has been reported, that LinkedIn blocks user accounts on which the script has been run. Use with great caution!

This scraper is a multi page scraper. Scraping can take very very long depending on your 2nd degree network size. Scraping Additional Pages progress bar does not show the progress well - other pages are being added during scraping so it moves forwards and backwards all the time.

Formal Semantic Description