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Longwell is a web-based RDF-powered highly-configurable faceted browser.

What can I do with this?

Longwell mixes the flexibility of the RDF data model with the effectiveness of the faceted browsing UI paradigm and enables you to visualize and browse any arbitrarely complex RDF dataset, allowing you to build a user-friendly web site out of your data within minutes and without requiring any code at all.

But while useful out-of-the-box, a serious faceted browser would be useless without the ability for you to configure it and tailor it to your personal needs. Longwell has several levels of customization, from the simplest that doesn't require any coding, to the most complicated where one can change all templates and come up with a completely different look.

Are there demos on-line?

Follow the link for a list of Longwell Demos.

What do I need to run it?

Longwell is written as a Java web application and depends on the following:

  • A Java 1.5 or later compatible virtual machine for your operating system.
  • An installation of Apache Maven 2.0 or later
  • [optional] A servlet container (such as Jetty, Apache Tomcat, etc..) or any J2EE compatible application server (such as Apache Geronimo, JBoss, WebSphere, Orion, Weblogic, etc..)

Note: a servlet container is required only if you want to deploy longwell in your existing servlet environment. If you want to experiment with it, you don't need it.

Where do I download it?

Go to the Longwell download section. Alternatively, the most recent sources may be found in the SVN repository. (See also the repository history.)

Note that if you use the .tar.gz distribution, certain versions of tar will complain about a 'lone zero block,' and others may fail; this has been attributed to differences in tar specifications. The zero block message on its own is a warning and should still result in a usable distribution; if there is a failure, try using the .zip archive.

Where do I find some documentation?

The best place to start is the Longwell User Guide.

There is also a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their relative answers.

Licensing and legal issues

Longwell is open source software and is licensed under a BSD-style license.

Note that although Longwell depends on various libraries for its operation, no external library is distributed bundled with it (all the dependencies are downloaded by maven).


This software was created and is maintained by the Simile Project and in particular:


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