Orkut Friends Scraper

This script maybe used to collect minimial information about the folks you have declared to be your friends at Orkut. To use:

  1. Install this in Piggy Bank
  2. Visit Orkut.
  3. Login.
  4. Visit Your friend's page.
  5. Tap the coin.

You may review and edit the Orkut Friends Scraper Script.

Warning: always take great care when working with personal data to assure the privacy of the parties involved.


This currently scraps your friend's name, thumbnail image, and email address into a foaf:person instance. For example you might get an item like this:

<http://www.orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=9999999999999999999> a foaf:Person;
  dc:title "Foaf person: John Smith";
  foaf:name "John Smith";
  foaf:mbox <mailto:john@example.org>;
  geo:address """San Francisco,
  CA""" ;
  foaf:depiction <http://images3.orkut.com/images/small/999/9999.jpg> .


  1. Don't grab depiction when the image is "no picture".
  2. Recurse into the friend's profile page and scrape yet more data.

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