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Piggy Bank also allows you to store this extracted information locally for you to search later and to exchange at need the collected information with others.
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Piggy Bank is an open source software and built around the spirit of open participation and collaboration. There are several ways you can help:


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Licensing & Legal Issues

Piggy Bank is open source software and is licensed under the BSD license.

Note, however, that this software ships with libraries that are not released under the same license; that we interpret their licensing terms to be compatible with ours and that we are redistributing them unmodified. For more information on the licensing terms of the libraries Piggy Bank depends on, please refer to the source code.

Piggy Bank makes use of Google Maps and Google’s geo-coordinate look-up service but no Google’s copyrighted information is distributed along or contained within Piggy Bank. We are deeply grateful to Google for making such a great service available and for allowing others to use it as specified in their terms of use.


Piggy Bank can make use of screen scrapers to extract information from certain web pages. Since users have the ability to install additional scrapers in Piggy Bank, it is conceivable that some of those screen scrapers could potentially be hostile.

Although Piggy Bank is engineered to run scrapers in a sandbox, much alike the one that the browser uses to run javascript code embedded in web pages, and has been tested with a series of artificially hostile scrapers that we have developed to try to escape the sandbox, it is good practice to install scrapers only from sites that you know and trust, or inspect the scraper code before you run it.

Anyhow, while we have spent a great deal of effort to protect your browser and your data, please understand that the Simile team does not hold any responsibility over damages to your computer or your data caused by screen scrapers not written by the Simile team.


This software is maintained by the SIMILE project and in particular:

The authors would like to thank the User Interface Design group, the Haystack group and the DIG Decentralized Information group at MIT CSAIL for their support and invaluable feedback.

This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation.