When Piggy Bank can extract "pure" information from a web page, it shows a "data coin" icon in the bottom right corner of Firefox’s status bar. Click on this icon to command Piggy Bank to collect the "pure" information.

Piggy Bank Data-coin-icon.png

Piggy Bank can collect “pure” information in the following cases:

  1. The web page has invisible link(s) to RDF data (encoded in RDF/XML or RDF/N3 formats).
  2. One of Piggy Bank's "screen scrapers" matches the current URL.

A screen scraper is small Javascript program that you can install to extend Piggy Bank's ability to collect information from web pages. In order to re-structure the information denoted within a web page, a screen scraper might need to load related web pages. For example, in re-structuring a search results page, a screen scraper will load subsequent search results pages to collect all search results. If each search result is only presented in brief but can be explored in detail by clicking on it, the scraper might also automate such clicking in order to gather as much information as it can.

A screen scraper might also make use of web services to augment the information it collects from within a web page, e.g., to look up latitude and longitude of a street address.