Piggy Bank works with Firefox 2.0 (not yet compatible with firefox 3.0.1) and with Flock 1.2.1, no other browser is supported at this time.

Piggy Bank also requires the Java Plugin for Java 1.5 or later to be installed in your browser. Get it from (on MacOSX, you can skip this step since Java is already available).

Download and Install

If you have all those requirements and you are viewing this Web page inside Firefox, click on the following link to download and install the Piggy Bank bundle, which also includes Appalachian for its OpenID library.

If nothing seems to happen, it's probably because Firefox is blocking the installation. Watch at the top of your browser window and you'll notice a message like this:
Firefox installation blocking.png
Click on the Edit Options... button as shown in the screenshot above. Click Allow and then Close in the popup dialog that comes out. Once that's done, try the link above again.

A Software Installation popup dialog will come up

Firefox software installation.png

Once the countdown has terminated, click Install Now, this will make Firefox download the Piggy Bank and Appalachian bundle and install them both as extensions in your extension list

Firefox extensions.png

Once the download is complete, click the Restart Firefox button, then follow the installation instructions that Piggy Bank will present to you. If you see the following dialog the next time you start Firefox,

Piggy-bank wizard.png

it means that Piggy Bank's installation was successful.


If something went wrong, please consult the Piggy Bank Troubleshooting page for information on what to do.