To retrieve items you have saved and tagged, go to the “My Piggy Bank” page using any of the following methods:

  • Toolbar: Click on the "Piggy Bank" icon;
  • Menu: Tools » Piggy Bank » Browse My Piggy Bank;
  • Shortcut: Alt-Shift-P;

The “My Piggy Bank” page (see below) has 3 columns (from left to right):

  • Browse Data by Tag Click on any keyword to zoom into the collection of items you have tagged with that keyword.
  • Starting Points These are collections of items predefined by some filter criteria.
  • Browse Data by Type Click on any type to zoom into the collection of items of that type.

Piggy Bank Start.png

Note that to find an item you have tagged with several keywords, you can start by clicking on any of those keywords from the “My Piggy Bank” page and then add additional filter criteria based on the other keywords to zoom in to that item. This is a departure from how you would find an item filed away in a hierarchy of folders. With a hierarchy of folders, you always have to start from the root of the hierarchy and traverse down the hierarchy in one fixed path. With tags, you can start anywhere and take any step that gets you closer and closer to the desired result.