After Piggy Bank has collected “pure” information from a web page, it presents that information to you right inside the same Firefox browser window (see below). This new page has a few components of interest:

  1. The number of information items collected and how they have been sorted.
  2. The links to subsequent pages should there be too many items.
  3. The items themselves are shown, each with all of its properties.
  4. There is a search textbox for performing a generic text search on all properties of the items being viewed.
  5. Several “facets” provide summary of the items being viewed from several aspects.
  6. Additional facets that you can click on to get summary from more aspects.

Piggy Bank Browsing-1.png

Each facet presents a summary of the items being viewed from a particular aspect. For example, the “movie-title” facet below breaks up the 953 movie shows in the previous figure into several groups based on the titles of the shows. There are 49 shows of the movie “A Lot Like Love”, 3 shows of the movie “Are We There Yet?”, and so on.

Clicking on a facet value “zooms” into the subcollection of those items being viewed that share that value. For example, clicking on “Are We There Yet?” in the facet below yields a collection of 3 shows, all showing the movie “Are We There Yet?”.

Piggy Bank Facet-box-1.png

You can also change the way a facet summarizes the items. Below, the “date” facet allows you to zoom into to a subcollection of movie shows starting either before or after a particular time.

Piggy Bank Facet-box-2.png

Note that the facet values in a facet might denote overlapping subcollections. For example, movie shows starting after 1 PM include movie shows starting after 2 PM, and papers by authors X and Y show up in both the subcollection of papers by author X and the subcollection of papers by author Y.

Whenever you click on a facet value to zoom into the subcollection of items sharing that property value, Piggy Bank adds a “filter criterion” to the page it serves. In the figure below, the collection of movie shows has been zoomed in several times to only the subcollection of PG shows starting between 7 PM and 9 PM. You can think of this list of filter criteria as the history of your browsing actions. Clicking (remove) next to a filter criterion would undo the corresponding browsing action and zoom out to a larger collection of items.

Piggy Bank Query.png

The [add more] button next to each filter criterion lets you add more facet values to that filter criterion. In the figure below, by clicking on [add more] next to the rating filter criterion and then picking “PG-13”, we can broaden our search results from just PG shows starting between 7 - 9 PM to PG and PG-13 shows starting between 7 - 9 PM.

Piggy Bank Disjunction.png

As you browse the “pure” information presented by Piggy Bank in your Firefox browser, you can use Firefox’s Back and Forward buttons to go back and forth between pages, much as you would with ordinary web pages. You can also use Firefox to bookmark any of the page presented by Piggy Bank, much like you would bookmark any ordinary web page. When you return to a Piggy Bank page previously bookmarked, Piggy Bank will attempt to re-construct the “pure” information. (Piggy Bank does not store that “pure” information permanently by default until you explicitly save it.)