• P3: Packaged lenses are not displaying correctly, probably CSS floats (PB upgrade to LW2.5)
  • P4: Dragging an n3 file into Firefox currently displaying foo.html causes piggy bank to run the generic, and presumably other matching, scrapers foo.html, not the n3 file. This happens even if the foo.html was served by Piggybank. (is this still the case? stefano 14:58, 24 October 2006 (EDT))
  • P4 GRRDL profile handling
  • P4 Estimate size of installed base using poll for version versions
  • P4 Add scheme to check for scrapers for the page your on.

  • P9: write scrapers for one or more of social sites (orkut,friendster,myspace,linkedin) to ship it with piggy bank
  • P9: scrapers need some kind of reputations mechinism
  • P9: pulling scrapers from the wiki is confusing since additional statements that are both unneeded and quite confusing are sent over to piggybank; this is somewhat ameliorated with the addition of a scraper lens, but you still have to hunt for the right resource to save
  • P9: there is no visual feedback on a mac during the initialization phase of the wizard... an animated gif?
  • P9: When visiting an N3 file with no typed data it would be polite have a way to get back to raw N3 file rather than just the error "no typed data found".
  • P9: implement *-scrapers for RDF/A and the most common Microformats.
  • P9: Lens lens; one is written but not particularly styled - do we really want to include this in PB since we don't offer any interface for adding lenses, nor can the lenses in use be seen using PB?

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