What forums do Simile folks hang-out on? I'd like to view development platform how-to discussions.

I'm a Java developer that uses Eclipse, but need to know the best process to get the projects from the repository through building and running in my environment. I've got ant, maven, svn. I can pull from the repository into an Eclipse project, but there are many options, and I don't know what's best. I could experiment, but I figured someone must have documented this already...I just need to find it.


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- BenHyde2 09:02, 14 May 2007 (EDT)

Idiot's Guide to the extension....

Hi there,

My interest in this extension is in getting the Berkeley DB XML database and its ability to use XQuery to be accessible via its Java API in XUL/Javascript.

Since I'm having security permissions errors in the Java Console (trying to load the dbxml classes), when I try this without XPCOM in a plain XUL Javascript, I'm guessing that means that I need your component and can't just do it with LiveConnect?

I was wondering if you could direct me to just those points in the component which I'd need to modify if I were to make my own component? My head is really spinning trying to figure it out.

thanks so much if you could help out this really hapless person! Brett