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This page will be the entry point to the documentation of the Timeline project. For the time being, please refer to this for Timeline's documentation.

There are many channels for getting in touch with us and with other people who are interested in Timeline:


Timeline Documentation (Call for Help)

We need your help to move the documentation from that static site over here so that more people can easily help complete and maintain it.

Current Documentation

These will need to be well integrated into the Wiki, but first step is to migrate from the static documentation.

Getting Started




This is just to accumulate a few topics for now, which need organization later.


Controlling Timeline Appearance


Feeding Timeline Data in Different Ways




Example Uses

<ask format="ul"> </ask>

Similar Tools

  • The Historical Event Markup and Linking Project [1] generates SVG timelines, maps and animated maps from documents conforming to its XML markup language for historical events. The markup language, defined in XML Schemas [2], associates events with persons, locations, and keywords, employs multiple calendrical schemes and is multilingual. There is a Heml xhtml language available, too. The project's past five years of development are recorded in its SVN server [3]. RDF/Heml ideas were presented at the WWW2006 conference [4].