Aim : running Timeline from live data, obtained via RDF/SPARQL

1. Locate/create some RDF (I started with the RSS feed from Planet RDF

2. Load it into a triplestore (I used Jena)

3. Run a suitable SPARQL SELECT query to produce XML results containing the data of interest

4. Use XSLT to convert this into JSON suitable for Timeline

5. Link this into Timeline

// I couldn't get non-image uploads to work, so I've put these over on the ESW Wiki, SparqlTimeline -- DannyAyers

An alternative solution for steps 4 and 5: SPARQL Timeline

Also works for any raw SPARQL results that include date, title and description.

There are also some ways to use SPARQL Results directly into Timeline, in XML or JSON format, but you have to make some changes to Timeline source code at the moment -- AlexandrePassant