Wiki Table Editor


Wiki Table Editor Overview

The Wiki Table Editor is an extension for Exhibit that allows you to edit a wikitext table using an actual table format. In this way, you will not need to learn the wikitext syntax for tables.


How to Use

Go here: 

Then drag "Wiki Table Editor" to your browser's bookmark toolbar to make a bookmarklet. Then whenever you're editing a wiki page, click that bookmarklet to get the Edit/Insert Table buttons after all the wiki editing tool buttons.


To edit a table, put your cursor in the middle of the desired table and click on the Edit Table button. To insert a table, put your cursor at the place in which you want your new table to start and click on the Insert Table button.


  • Toolbar
    • Augment the toolbar
    • Undo and Redo for actions involving whole rows, whole columns, or pasting
    • Paste tab-separated values
  • Formatting
    • Change style for the table, rows, columns, or cells. See more here.
  • Cell editing UI
    • Click on a cell to edit
    • If cell value is a URL of an image, a 100px by 100px thumbnail of the image will appear in the cell
  • Columns
    • Add column (to the beginning, to the end)
    • Insert column before or after currently focused column
    • Remove column
    • Reorder columns (move right, move left)
  • Rows
    • Add row (to the top, to the bottom)
    • Insert row before or after currently focused row
    • Remove row
    • Reorder columns (move right, move left, move to start, move to end)
  • Services
    • Automatically generate Google Maps lat/lng coordinates for the currently focused column


    • Splitting or merging cells is not supported
    • Cannot move to different cells using any keys ( e.g. up, down, right, left, tab)
    • Cannot undo/redo edits made to specific cells
    • Cannot undo/redo formatting edits
    • Formatting is not displayed in editing table UI
    • Image links written in wikitext syntax involving the pipe symbol are not supported( e.g. [[Image:name.gif|caption]] )