Status update on Citeline

From: Sean Thomas <sthomas_at_MIT.EDU>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 17:00:24 -0400

Hello all,

I wanted to send you all an update on the status of Citeline and our roll-out
plans for this to the MIT Community. Over the last couple of months, Mat,
MacKenzie and I have been working closely with Stefano regarding the software
and documentation. As you'll recall, our original plan was to run a pilot of
the service during July, targeting a few research communities here at MIT with
some noted interest in the service. The primary reasons for this timing was to
target faculty at a slower point in their academic calendar and to do so at a
time when we had the lead developer available to incorporate user feedback into
the Citeline system. Unfortunately, this timetable turned out to be a little
too tight as the system still had some critical issues to be addressed before
we actively promoted it for the pilot communities.

After further consideration, we feel that we need to seek an alternative
'roll-out' plan for the service as our window into faculty availability has
decreased and Stefano will likely not be able to contribute additional
enhancements to the system. The most likely scenario is that we will look to
expose Citeline as a beta service in the Fall and, hopefully, will still be
able to elicit your assistance in promoting the beta to your communities of

Regarding the current status of the system, Stefano has worked hard to correct
the most critical issues and is now working on technical documentation to pass
along to, among others, the development team here in Cubespace. Richard
Rodgers will be reviewing this to help us better prepare for on-going
development needs and maintenance should we choose to adopt this as an on-going

How you can help: We'd like you to take a look at the latest version of the
system (note the changed URL below) and the Citeline User's Guide and FAQ (many
thanks to Mat and Stefano!), with an eye to this being what we'd expose to the
MIT Community as the beta. Please let us know, via the
list, if you experience any problems or have any suggestions for us. (running list of known issues for your

Many thanks in advance! I'll send an e-mail to the group once we firm up our
revised plans for the roll-out.

Sean Thomas
DSpace_at_MIT Product Manager
MIT Libraries
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Bldg. E25-131
Cambridge, MA 02139
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