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From: M.A.Wermelinger <>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 21:01:40 -0400


I came across Citeline and it's very nice. Well done! However, I can't see how to update the bibliography exhibit without going again through the process of uploading the new version of the bibtex file to create a new exhibit and then configure the way it's displayed again from scratch, and finally downloading to my site. I am correct or am I missing some point?

I tried to translate the bibtex file via Babel to JSONP format and then change the source of the downloaded HTML file to point to my local JSONP file instead of the data.jsonp file on your server, but it didn't work anymore.

Without any simple way of keeping the system working whenever a new reference is added to the bibtex file, I'm afraid the Citeline system won't become popular. Moreover, it seems contrary to the Exhibit philosophy of separating presentation from data. If whenever I change the data (the bibtex file), I have to go again through the same exhibition generation steps from start, then it seems the two are actually quite hard-wired...

Not to mention that keeping our bibliographical data on your website without any explicit statement in the citeline seems to contravene basic privacy good practice.

Thanks in advance for any clarifications!

Michel Wermelinger

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