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attached mail follows:

>>>> 1. Login with OpenID worked a week ago, but does not work anymore.
>>> Can you tell us more about this? What is your OpenID provider and what
>>> is the problem you are experiencing now?
>> My OpenID provider ist myopenid
>> http://peter.baumgartner.myopenid.com/
>> After entering my openID it takes my to the side of my provider, I can
>> choose - as always the identity and enter my password. After that it takes
>> me back to Citeline and says
>> " Failed to Sign in with your OpenID!
>> The OpenID sign in procedure returned an error:
>> Nonce verificaton failed.
>> We apologize for the inconvenience."
>> <http://citeline.mit.edu/#openid_failure?msg=Nonce%20verificaton%20failed.>
> Hmm, I thought I fixed this problem.. it has to do with our server timer
> drifting more than myopenid's... I did a ntp-update and it seems to be
> working fine now.

Fine, OpenID works again!


>>>> 4. The timeline is not exported to the hmtl file (but I believe this worked
>>>> a week ago.)
>>> This works for me here. Remember that you have to set what data fields
>>> the timeline has to get the data from or it won't work.
>> I have now a detailed explanation: The different styles work very
>> differently:
>> -> The classic style do facets not display.
>> -> A very strange behaviour has the bookworm style.
>> The others are ok, I have added screenshot so that can you see for yourself.
>> All pictures were taken from the same data basis and I have added the clean
>> style to give an correct example (at least as far as I believe the interface
>> should look.)
> Interesting. It might be some misalignment between the various templates
> that we use. If you post your bibtex file online we can try ourselves
> and see what's wrong.

You will find a bibtex-testfile at

It was generated by using the export utility of zotero.

I know of at least one problem: type incollection does not export into
booktitle but into journal. I have a corrected version exported from another


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