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From: Stefano Mazzocchi <stefanom_at_MIT.EDU>
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2008 16:52:51 -0400

Peter Baumgartner wrote:

>>> 1. Login with OpenID worked a week ago, but does not work anymore.
>> Can you tell us more about this? What is your OpenID provider and what
>> is the problem you are experiencing now?
> My OpenID provider ist myopenid
> After entering my openID it takes my to the side of my provider, I can
> choose - as always the identity and enter my password. After that it takes
> me back to Citeline and says
> " Failed to Sign in with your OpenID!
> The OpenID sign in procedure returned an error:
> Nonce verificaton failed.
> We apologize for the inconvenience."
> <>

Hmm, I thought I fixed this problem.. it has to do with our server timer
drifting more than myopenid's... I did a ntp-update and it seems to be
working fine now.

>>> 2. For a sensible usage of the timeline feature the titles need to be
>>> shortened (e.g. like it is done in zotero). Some long titles are displayed
>>> in two lines but they clutter the display as they override other entries
>>> because there is not enough vertical space. But this is only valid for some
>>> of the titles and they are still too long anyway. In this form timeline is
>>> not usable. ( I tried it with the zotero field "short title" but this field
>>> is not imported by citeline.)
>> Interesting point. I'll add this to the todo list.
>> BTW, being a wiki you can do that yourself for future problems you find,
>> hint, hint ;-)
> Thanks and Yes, I know: RTFM etc. ;-) And thanks as well for putting my
> observation into the wiki.


>>> 3. In the timeline are non-ascii characters displayed wrongly as {\"a} for
>>> instance.
>> yes, we are aware of that issue (see the todo list above).
> Mhhh, I looked it up now, but actually I could not found an entry to this
> problem. I can make this entry into the wiki but I wonder if I'm missing or
> overlooked something.

Major Bugs, first on the list.

>>> 4. The timeline is not exported to the hmtl file (but I believe this worked
>>> a week ago.)
>> This works for me here. Remember that you have to set what data fields
>> the timeline has to get the data from or it won't work.
> I have now a detailed explanation: The different styles work very
> differently:
> -> The classic style do facets not display.
> -> A very strange behaviour has the bookworm style.
> The others are ok, I have added screenshot so that can you see for yourself.
> All pictures were taken from the same data basis and I have added the clean
> style to give an correct example (at least as far as I believe the interface
> should look.)

Interesting. It might be some misalignment between the various templates
that we use. If you post your bibtex file online we can try ourselves
and see what's wrong.

>>> Another thing as add to my former mails: Exporting from Zotz results many
>>> time in a Javascript Error:
>>> Encountered "<EOF>" at line
>>> 1111, column 22.
>>> Was expecting one of:
>>> "}" ...
>>> <WS> ...
>>> <WORD> ...
>>> "comment" ...
>>> "string" ...
>>> "preamble" ...
>>> <COMMA> ...
>>> "#" ...
>> It would be very helpful if you could export the same collection you
>> were using to feed into Citeline as BibTeX and send us that file for us
>> to see and evaluate what the problem is. If not, it's really impossible
>> to understand if this is a problem on our own end or on Zotero's.
> After Zotero has provided a new routine for bibtex export there is no error
> message anymore. So it was a problem of Zotero.
> But now it is a complete showstopper as *all* non-ascii character do not
> translate. (Before one could export und import manually e.g. not via Zotz
> and at least the title view translated non ascii correctly (the timeline
> view not). I added a screenshot.

Again, having the bibtex files would help us understand what's going on.

> I hope this observation will help you

Thanks for your feedback!

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