Re: citeline bugs?

From: David R Karger <karger_at_MIT.EDU>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 23:55:00 -0400

MacKenzie Smith wrote:
> David Karger wrote:
>> So, it is nice that one can download the html.
>> It links to data in citeline.
>> But suppose somebody wanted to source the feed from their bibtex file on
>> the web, so they can keep it up to date without going back to
>> citeline?
> Then you download the exhibit json (using the handy little scissor
> thing), put the json with the html,
> and edit the html with the new data path. Voila, encore:
no, that would make a _new_ source file of json, and if they changed
their bibtex, the exhibit wouldn't change. that's why I suggested
sourceing the feed directly from the bibtex, using a trick like babel.
>> Does it makes sense to expose citeline's bibtex converter "babel style",
>> allowing the author to specify a link that tells citeline to go get
>> their bibtex file from the web and convert it on the fly? Or to just
>> integrate the bibtex converter into babel itself?
> we haven't gone the extra step of letting you point to the bibtex via
> a URL rather than uploading it
> to Citeline from your computer. I doubt if that would be hard to add,
> if there's a lot of demand for
> that, but I also suspect not many people will have bibtex files
> sitting around on their websites...
well, citeline is targeting a group of people to upload their bibtex, so
they obviously have bibtex. They currently get no benefit from putting
it on the web, but if they could use it to feed their pubs page, then
they would!
>> Suppose I've already made a json pubs file on the web. Can I use
>> citeline's exhibit editor to create a visualization that points at it?
> you currently need to edit the exhibit.html file somewhere other
> citeline to get that to work,
> but at least you can do it.
right, but at that point, I can no longer use citelines cool visual
editing capabilities to change the look of the page.
> MacKenzie
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