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Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 13:31:10 -0400


I am a bit confused. Citeline FAQ says:

"Citeline stores its internal data in RDF and there is very little BibTeX-specific about its internal architecture. We have decided to start using BibTeX because many citation management software use BibTeX directly or can export it. Sure, BibTeX has tons of quirks and its format was never officially standardized, but, as a starting point, it's the single citation management format that gives as much coverage as possible. Note that Citeline uses Babel to convert data from various formats to RDF, so if you're interested in Citeline being able to consume your format, talk to us and we might be able to accept your patches to Babel and enable it."

However, let's say, I use Babel to convert Excel into RDF. I still don't see any way for me input that RDF into Citeline. What am I missing? Or is this paragraph misleading and you cannot use Babel-converted RDF files as input to Citeline?


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