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Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 21:48:08 -0500

Dear Citeline Staff:

I am the director of the online Museum of Underwater Archaeology. I have
been working with the State of Maryland on finding the best way to put a
bibliography of their state underwater cite report titles online in
conjunction with numerous other states, thereby offering researchers the
ability to search the formerly "grey" literature from one website.
Maryland has been our test case and I had thought when I found citeline
that it might be a great vehicle for doing so but I see now that the
software doesn't work with IE. Approximately 85% of our audience uses IE
and so, sadly, I don't think citeline will be the tool for us. I thought
though that I should check with you all to see if the IE "bug" will be
fixed any time soon or if you had a suggestion for another online tool
that you would recommend. Any advice you could offer would be greatly

Best regards,

T Kurt Knoerl
The Museum of Underwater Archaeology,
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