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Dear Mr Willems,

I'm sorry, but the MIT Libraries is no longer supporting Citeline due to lack of resources (financial etc.). We have left it available online, for now, so that users can extract their data to use in alternative tools like Exhibit I will add something to the Citeline website soon to explain this.

Apologies again,

MacKenzie Smith, MIT Libraries

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Subject: Special Characters -- Arabic transliteration

Dear all,

we're the Digital Averroes Research Environment and we'd like to use citeline. But we have a problem: arabic transliterations.
For example:

                author = {Muḥammad ʿAbd al-Hādī ʾAbū Rīdah},
                title = {Mawāqif Ibn Rušd fī maǧālāt al-fikr al-dīnī wa-l-falsafī wa-l-ʿilmī wa-l-sīyāsī wa-l-ʾadabī},
                booktitle = {Muʾtamar Ibn Rušd},
                year = 1983,
                editor = {ʿAmmār Ṭālibī},
                pages = {271-314},
                adress = {Algier},

in utf8 in LaTeX is

        Adress = {Algier},
        Author = {Mu{\d h}ammad ʿAbd al-H{\=a}d{\=\i} ʾAb{\=u} R{\=\i}dah},
        Booktitle = {Muʾtamar Ibn Ru{\v s}d},
        Editor = {ʿAmm{\=a}r {\d T}{\=a}lib{\=\i}},
        Pages = {271-314},
        Title = {Maw{\=a}qif Ibn Ru{\v s}d f{\=\i} ma{\v g}{\=a}l{\=a}t al-fikr al-d{\=\i}n{\=\i} wa-l-falsaf{\=\i} wa-l-ʿilm{\=\i} wa-l-s{\=\i}y{\=a}s{\=\i} wa-l-ʾadab{\=\i}},
        Year = 1983}

-- that's what BibDesk makes of it.

Citeline, on the other hand, displays it as

Mawāqif Ibn Ruundefined sd f\i maundefined gālāt al-fikr al-d\in\i wa-l-falsaf\i wa-l-??ilm\i wa-l-s\iyās\i wa-l-??adab\i
R\idah, Muundefined hammad ??Abd al-Hād\i ??Abū (1983).
Mu??tamar Ibn Ruundefined sd, 271-314.

Can you help us?
Many thanks & best,

Florian Willems M.A.

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