Citeline API/Webservice

From: Timm Berens <>
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 05:56:28 -0400


my name is Timm Berens and I am a student at the University of Dortmund, Germany. For my diploma thesis I am creating a programm for our University to manage all our publications. Every member shall be able to add his publications (books, papers, presentations, ...) to this system. Once we have established a complete collection of all publications, the system will provide support for different kinds of reporting and help keeping track, of what acutally happens at out university regarding the publications.
The biggest problem will be, to get all members to add their data into our Database. In order to archieve this, I am looking for other benefits I can offer our users while working with our system. One idea is about providing a service for each user, which will provide him his added publications in a way, it can be used on his personal webpage. While searching for solutions instead of creating my own I got aware of Citeline. Citeline does exactly what we are looking for (in this particular case). In order to integrate Citeline in my programm I would like to now, if there is any kind of Interface/API like e. g. a Webservice you offer, which would make it possible to integrate Citeline.

i look forward to hearing from you soon.

Timm Berens

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