Pending vocabulary issues

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 15:49:43 -0400

Quite apart from the intermediate tree issue, I am eager to reach some
closure on the following vocabulary terms for implementation:

1. one term for turning a URI into a URL in presentation
2. set of 'transform' terms, separated from styling
3. class hook
4. primaryClasses

For 1., I agree that behavior is a separate issue, but turning a URI
into a URL is a common enough occurence that it's worth including in
core. I am going to include it since I think we've all pretty much
stated our agreement and consider the matter resolved.

For 2., I ultimately proposed what's in:

Agreeing on a name for this set of terms is also an important task. I
don't much care what that name is.

For 3., we come back a bit to the intermediate tree. If we are going to
have a class attribute on tree elements, then we need a way to assign a
value to that class in core. Back to hooks - I propose fresnel:hook
"foo"^^xsd:string on a lens.

4. I've already added primaryClasses to the core vocab but I don't
recall hearing agreement that it's the right thing to do from all.

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