Re: Using fresnel:FormatDescription again

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 18:17:35 -0400

Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:
> Ryan Lee wrote:
>> On a separate issue, is contentLast taking the place of the last comma
>> produced by contentAfter? Or is it going to look like:
>> 'red, green, orange, .'
>> Could we say contentBetween in addition?
> We can do everything with just contentAfter and contentLast, provided
> that the behaviour of contentLast is to override contentAfter for the
> last element. So I am in favour of this instead of introducing another
> element in the Fresnel vocab.

This is fine for me so long as we are clear on the precise behavior of
content*. So we'll consider content{First,Last} the priority
replacement when a collision occurs, not an addition.

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