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From: Emmanuel Pietriga <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 08:31:19 +0200

Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:
> David R. Karger wrote:
>> What happens if various :sublenses invoke each other with different
>> :depth arguments? Is the semantics that depth is a global variable and
>> a sublens doesn't apply if the depth exceeds the depth specified for
>> that sublens? if so, is there any way to specify a "base case", eg
>> what is going to happen if the sublens cannot be invoked because of
>> the depth constraint?
> I have to think about that. Coming back to it later.

Depth should be a global variable. Otherwise we do not prevent infinite

Considering the following lens:

:foafPersonDefaultLens rdf:type fresnel:Lens ;
          fresnel:showProperties (
            [ rdf:type fresnel:PropertyDetails ;
                       fresnel:property foaf:knows ;
                       fresnel:sublens :foafPersonDefaultLens;
                       fresnel:depth "5"^^xsd:nonNegativeInteger ]

the lens shows up to five levels of persons. When it arrives at the 6th
recursive call, it just does not show this property. Nothing else
happens. We might provide additional Fresnel terms in the extended lens
vocabulary to say that in this case the browser should show
links/buttons/whatever/... that make it possible to further explore this

The same behaviour applies to recursive calls involving more than one
lens, knowing that the maximum depth is that declared by the topmost
sublens call in the recursion.

Ryan, Chris, does this description sound right to you?

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