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Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 11:20:24 +0100

Hi Ryan,

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Subject: Finding Fresnel data

> As we cross this threshhold of publishing our work online and in
> conferences, and as I move ever closer to finishing this code, perhaps
> it's time to start talking about distribution points for Fresnel data.
> As a starting point, how do you feel about hosting a list of pointers on

Yes, I also think a list of pointers is OK for the beginning.

When you are done with the code and I have something to play around, I will
write some stylesheets for common vocabularies which we can also put on the

> Same management style for now as the rest of the Fresnel
> documentation. Chris, what's your vision for a more SPARQL oriented
> system of distribution?

Thinking about the use case where a browser discovers an instance of an
unknown class and wants to find representation knowledge on how to display
it, I think using SPARQL DESCRIBE could be interesting.

The client could ask a repository for representation knowledge about a class
using DESCRIBE(classURI). The repositoy would return a graph containing
several lenses and formats that can be used to display the class and its
properties (maybe as a group). The browser then decides which lens it wants
to use. We can experiment with the amount of lenses and formats the server
should return. But I think having a rather intelligent server which descides
on a usefull group of lenses and formats and returns the whole group to the
browser would be more convienient than having the browser query multiple
times for single lenses and formats.

I see this as a mid-term vision and we should think about the details once
we are having a nice collection of lenses and formats for several common


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