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From: Emmanuel Pietriga <>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 08:14:28 +0200

Andrew Green wrote:
> Hi,
> Just wondering what is out there in the way of free software
> implementations of fresnel. Reading the archives of this list, I get the
> impression there are only two:
> 1) In IsaViz and Jena
> 2) In the Simile repository (comand-line prototype)
> What is the status of these implementations? How mature are they? Are
> there any other implementations out there? Do any SIMILE deliverables
> integrate fresnel yet?
> Also, regarding the IsaViz/Jena implementations, I understand that there
> is one for use just with Jena and one for IsaViz. But the only one I see
> is at
> Where is the other one? And which is which?


Until now, I've focused on implementing FSL [1] in IsaViz, which is the
Fresnel Selector Language (that is, one of the three possible languages
for expressing selection expressions such as lens domains). Work on
implementing Fresnel itself (the whole thing) is just starting in
IsaViz. Everything you have read on the IsaViz Web site about Jena and
IsaViz implementations refers to the FSL query engine, not to Fresnel.
IsaViz has its own FSL engine, which works on the IsaViz internal
representation of RDF models. There is a second one, also provided in
the org.w3c.IsaViz.fresnel package, that works on Jena models and is
fully independent of IsaViz (i.e. you can use it without launching IsaViz).

Full Fresnel support in IsaViz is starting now, and I hope to have
something released publicly within the next few months (as IsaViz 3.0).

As far as other implementations are concerned, Ryan or Chris should be
able to give you more information. There is indeed a command-line tool
developed in Simile, and there is also Horus [2].


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