Re: Fresnel newbie usage question

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 15:17:25 -0500

R Gaikwad wrote:
> Hello
> I am new to Fresnel & am trying out for last couple of days. So far I
> have been able to run the examples in the repository :) I've also gone
> through the Fresnel Manual but probably just missed something.

Welcome! Are you using Fresnel on its own (repository/fresnel/trunk) or
as included in Longwell (repository/longwell/trunk)?

> Here is what I would like to do with FOAF-Example.
> Define two lenses
> :foafBriefPersonLens rdf:type fresnel:Lens ;
> fresnel:purpose fresnel:defaultLens ;
> fresnel:classLensDomain foaf:Person ;
> fresnel:showProperties (foaf:name
> foaf:depiction).
> :foafPersonDetailedLens rdf:type lens:Lens ;
> fresnel:classLensDomain foaf:Person ;
> lens:showProperties (foaf:name
> foaf:surname
> foaf:mbox
> foaf:homepage
> foaf:depiction ).
> Use case 1:
> Show a foafBriefPersonLens and depiction should be the link to
> person's homepage.
> Use case 2:
> Show a foafBriefPersonLens and depiction should be the link
> which points to foafPersonDetailedLens.
> Basically the zoom-in kind of feature where I can present a brief
> description & a link for Details

The short answer is that your application would have to take care of it.

For use case 1, I can't think of any way in Fresnel that would allow you
to combine values from different properties in such a manner. You would
need to intervene at some point in the pipeline to mash them together.

Use case 2 sounds easier in practice to me, but since I'm not yet clear
in what context you're using Fresnel (in Longwell or somewhere else), I
don't know what a 'link to a detailed lens' looks like to you. Again,
there isn't any way to specify that in Fresnel right now, by explicit

The 'actions' that are possible with a resource are basically infinite,
and we've only included a handful of what we felt to be the most useful
in Fresnel Core (e.g., display the label, display as URI, as image, or
turn into an HTML link).

In Longwell, I've built links between resources directly into the XSLT
that transforms Fresnel's output. It's not the most flexible way to
handle linking, but for our present needs it's about enough.

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