Re: Cannot make Fresnel Implementation Working

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2006 13:57:17 -0400

Zak Mc Kracken wrote:
> Ryan Lee wrote:
>> There is admittedly no pointer from the code to the messages I've sent
>> on using the command line version:
> Oh!, thanks again. But I still have problems, please find attached a log.

Due some conflation between Fresnel the project and Fresnel the
codebase, the examples/ directory is a bit ambiguous; its intended
purpose is to be examples of the Fresnel vocabulary, not necessarily
compatible with the codebase I wrote. Because Fresnel is based on
Sesame, the parser limitations (Turtle instead of full N3) are a barrier
in using all of the examples. I could rewrite the examples as Turtle,
but information gets lost that way. I'd rather rewrite the parser to do
full N3 instead.

This one was modified and should work, though:

Note also that using my FOAF file is decidedly less interesting now
since I removed all the foaf:knows statements at some point after I
wrote those example usage messages.

> I'd really like to be able to run at least an example, and to understand
> the code more, possibly to contribute to bugfixing and improving it (If
> I will be able to!)

Your contributions would be more than welcome.

> By the way: in the message: "Parsing failure [14,-1]", what is
> "[14,-1]"? Is it related to the parsed files' [row,column]? Is it
> possible to trace the error line?

I believe that's the Sesame parser (Rio)'s way of saying line, column.

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