Novel data browser

From: Butler, Mark <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 16:30:57 +0100

Hi team,

I've just come across a novel data browser.
Produced by Nesstar

Basically if you look at their demo (best to look at the help / FAQ about
how to browse, it took me some time to figure out) then you'll see it stores
lots of numeric / statistical datasets. The browser lets you navigate the
datasets, then lets manipulate the datasets in different ways.

Its mainly aimed at social science communities, but I thought it was
interesting because of the browsing paradigm, and because the data is quite
heterogeneous. They use DDI metadata standard - see

A similar system is being developed by the Harvard / MIT data center - see
and see
for a demo.

It makes the raw XML metadata files available e.g.

best regards

Dr Mark H. Butler
Research Scientist, HP Labs Bristol
Received on Wed Jul 28 2004 - 15:31:27 EDT

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