Re: Meta-display ontology matters

From: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 09:46:41 -0400

Ryan Lee wrote:

> While we continue to discuss and formulate our ontology, there are a
> couple project matters we may want to take into consideration.
> I can offer a URI as a resolvable namespace as well as space on
> and our Subversion repository to serve as the actual host
> of the ontology files. We can do issue tracking and a wiki if people
> think the additional infrastructure would be useful (I've already put
> our requirements in
> linked from the front page).

We can use either client side redirection or direct proxying (which will
not change the URL) and serve the file directly from the simile
subversion repository (as we do for the current simile ontologies, for

> As a W3C type :), I also suggest our more final drafts of the ontology
> use OWL.

fine with me.

> It might be nice to have an overall name for this work. I'm boring, so
> I go with descriptions-as-names, like 'RDF Display Ontology' (or
> Ontologies, I suppose). Someone with more naming creativity may want to
> intervene...

I don't see the need to be more creative, this is what it is and the
name is precise and yields an original-enough acronym for brevity (RDO)


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