Re: Meta-display ontology matters

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 01:01:00 -0400

Chris Bizer wrote:
> Hi Ryan and all,
>>I can offer a URI as a resolvable namespace as well as space on
>> and our Subversion repository to serve as the actual host
>>of the ontology files.
> I think a "neutral" namespace would be nice, because our ontology
> will be joined work between MIT, Free University and INRIA. A neutral
> namespace might also motivate others to join the work. Jeremy, Patrick, Pat
> and I did the same for our Named Graphs work declaring it as work of the
> Semantic Web Interest Group. See:


? As Stefano mentioned, these could be proxied to Simile's subversion

> I'm also implying that everything we are doing is public and will be
> released under an open source license later, e.g. BSD or something similar.
> Anybody objecting?

Not anyone involved with Simile, I don't think.

>>We can do issue tracking and a wiki if people
>>think the additional infrastructure would be useful (I've already put
>>our requirements in
>>linked from the front page).
> Don't know. At this stage I think the mailing list with it's public archive
> is fine.
> Having the schemes in Subversion would be nice.

The option is there for the taking if we ever want it.

I've added the files to our public repository. Directions for use are at:

The repository path is at the root:


>>As a W3C type :), I also suggest our more final drafts of the ontology
>>use OWL.
> Yes, for the final versions. But while the drafts are still changing a lot I
> think RDF-S is easier to read and edit.


>>It might be nice to have an overall name for this work. I'm boring,
> Same with me. That's why my projects are always called D2R, D2RQ, RAP or
> NG4J :-)
> RDO is boring and sounds like "remote data objects". Let's ask the guy who
> came up with "Longwell" ;-)
> BTW: I will be on holiday from Saturday till 6th October and won't be able
> to read my mails.

I've gone ahead and used RDO as the de facto name. Score one for
functional names.

By the way, Emmanuel is subscribed to general_at_, so no need to cc him in
terms of reaching him.

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