Re: Meta-display ontology matters

From: Chris Bizer <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 12:19:30 +0200

Hi Ryan and all,

> While we continue to discuss and formulate our ontology, there are a
> couple project matters we may want to take into consideration.
> I can offer a URI as a resolvable namespace as well as space on
> and our Subversion repository to serve as the actual host
> of the ontology files.

I think a "neutral" namespace would be nice, because our ontology
will be joined work between MIT, Free University and INRIA. A neutral
namespace might also motivate others to join the work. Jeremy, Patrick, Pat
and I did the same for our Named Graphs work declaring it as work of the
Semantic Web Interest Group. See:

I'm also implying that everything we are doing is public and will be
released under an open source license later, e.g. BSD or something similar.
Anybody objecting?

> We can do issue tracking and a wiki if people
> think the additional infrastructure would be useful (I've already put
> our requirements in
> linked from the front page).

Don't know. At this stage I think the mailing list with it's public archive
is fine.
Having the schemes in Subversion would be nice.

> As a W3C type :), I also suggest our more final drafts of the ontology
> use OWL.

Yes, for the final versions. But while the drafts are still changing a lot I
think RDF-S is easier to read and edit.

> It might be nice to have an overall name for this work. I'm boring,

Same with me. That's why my projects are always called D2R, D2RQ, RAP or
NG4J :-)

RDO is boring and sounds like "remote data objects". Let's ask the guy who
came up with "Longwell" ;-)

BTW: I will be on holiday from Saturday till 6th October and won't be able
to read my mails.


> I go with descriptions-as-names, like 'RDF Display Ontology' (or
> Ontologies, I suppose). Someone with more naming creativity may want to
> intervene...
> --
> Ryan Lee
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