Re: RDF Display Vocabulary Second Draft

From: Emmanuel Pietriga <>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 12:02:16 +0200

Ryan Lee wrote:

> Chris Bizer wrote:
>> Maybe somebody likes to have a look, comment on the design or add
>> features
>> that I have missed.
> Thanks for writing this up, Chris, it's good to have some examples to
> put a face on things. I corrected some minor typos (attached) so I
> could view the files in IsaViz et al. There are minorly substantial
> changes from 'stlye' to 'style.' [n.b.: I'd like to start using our
> Subversion repository to track documents instead of shipping through
> email, but I'll be sending a separate message on that a little later].

Ryan, I've seen your other mail about this. Have you setup a subversion
repository ? I think this would indeed be good.

> I don't agree that the alternate property ('if dc:title is missing, use
> rdfs:label') should be left to another layer. It may be a cleaner
> separation, but I think the vocabulary should assume the data comes as-is.

I agree with Ryan

> I like the RDFPath for expressing how to get to some place in the graph,
> it eliminates the awkwardness of trying to come up with RDF to express
> the same.

I like it too. That's the main weakness of GSS (RDF-based selector
language, which makes selectors too verbose and hard to understand).

> I don't quite like how it's used to express the alternatives
> or combinations of properties. That information should perhaps be more
> accessible instead of being 'trapped' in a path expression?

This would be more elegant IMO, as it would be more explicit.

> We discussed 'dynamic presentation,' does that belong in this vocabulary
> as well (whatever its form)? Emmanuel, you had some ideas on how to
> express this using layers - do you have time to maybe write them up as
> part of the vocabulary?

I'm not sure whether this should be considered part of the lens
vocabulary or style vocbulary. On one hand, this is about specifying
what to display (=> lens vocab). On the other hand, this is not exactly
about "what" to display, but "when" to display it (according to context
: user prefs, browser capabilities...), so it can also be considered
part of the style vocabulary. Any strong opinion on this matter ?

> I do think there are useful cases for declaring what to show by way of
> specifying what not to show. At least, I don't think there's anything
> lost by including such a mechanism.


I also have a question w.r.t the use of RDFPath expressions in lens
domains : in the FOAF example, Chris gives examples of styleDomain whose
value is an RDFPath expression. But I did not see any for lensDomain. Is
this because this is not possible, or because you did not have any
example at hand ; i.e., can you use RDFPath expressions as lensDomain
property values ?

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