Re: RDF Display Vocabulary Second Draft

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 16:52:09 -0400

Chris Bizer wrote:
> Maybe somebody likes to have a look, comment on the design or add features
> that I have missed.

Thanks for writing this up, Chris, it's good to have some examples to
put a face on things. I corrected some minor typos (attached) so I
could view the files in IsaViz et al. There are minorly substantial
changes from 'stlye' to 'style.' [n.b.: I'd like to start using our
Subversion repository to track documents instead of shipping through
email, but I'll be sending a separate message on that a little later].

I like how the lens vocabulary is turning out, very nice.

I don't agree that the alternate property ('if dc:title is missing, use
rdfs:label') should be left to another layer. It may be a cleaner
separation, but I think the vocabulary should assume the data comes as-is.

I like the RDFPath for expressing how to get to some place in the graph,
it eliminates the awkwardness of trying to come up with RDF to express
the same. I don't quite like how it's used to express the alternatives
or combinations of properties. That information should perhaps be more
accessible instead of being 'trapped' in a path expression?

The style vocabulary is good, but I think it's missing the capacity for
substitution ('use this image when "dc:source :wikipedia"'). Offhand,
that looks like it would require some more RDFPath.

We discussed 'dynamic presentation,' does that belong in this vocabulary
as well (whatever its form)? Emmanuel, you had some ideas on how to
express this using layers - do you have time to maybe write them up as
part of the vocabulary?

Chris, you also raised some questions within the schemas:

> Do you like this (re: fixed data in Style Vocab's Parts)?

Maybe it's time to talk about how exactly templating fits into the

> Is this getting too complicated (re: Table styling)?

By nature, describing tables is going to be a little complex. But your
solution looks pretty good. You have 'the columns of the table are
specified by [a sublens];' I think you'd want to be able to specify
whether they were columns or rows.

I do think there are useful cases for declaring what to show by way of
specifying what not to show. At least, I don't think there's anything
lost by including such a mechanism.

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