Re: Another suggestion & a question for Eric Miller (Was RDF Display Vocabulary Second Draft)

From: Emmanuel Pietriga <>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 14:03:36 +0200

Butler, Mark H (Labs Bristol) wrote:

> I think XPath has been an amazing enabler in XML, as it's used as a building block in lots of other things e.g. XSLT, Schematron, XForms, XQuery etc. So my guess is RDF needs something similar. I also don't think RDQL-like languages quite cut it for these type of applications

I fully agree with this.

> However I also think the current solutions of hacking XPath although as being a temporary solution rather than the ideal longterm solution.

Here too. That's what I've been arguing on www-rdf-interest last year.
XPath hacking for selecting RDF is cool, but this is definitely not an
ideal solution, because this is not the right level of abstraction. When
dealing with RDF data, you are interested in the RDF graph itself, not
one of its numerous XML representations.

Besides, IMHO, the problem with manipulating the RDF model at the XML
level is not limited to the fact that for a given RDF model you can get
several possible serializations (RDF canonicalization will solve this) ;
it is just conceptually wrong. So I would really welcome an
recommendation for R(DF)Path language.

> So Eric, what do you think - any chance of a W3C R(DF)Path Working Group or task force? Or do you think this is something DAWG should (or perhaps are) looking at? (I'm guessing here that Eric is subscribed to this list?)

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