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Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 09:52:07 +0100

Hi Eric

> btw - the graph matching part of the path requirements
> is something I'm fairly sure if being considered by DAWG
> at the moment. The sub-text searching of literals that I
> infer and think would be useful in the scenarios you
> describe however I don't believe is currently on the list of objects.

Sorry - it sounds like you missed my earlier post - just to reiterate what I said:

- XPath has been an incredible enabler in XML (e.g. XQuery, XSLT, Schematron, XForms, DI, etc)

- Therefore I infer a similar language for RDF would simplify deploying RDF.

- From example, the DI group is considering using XPath in this way with CC/PP.

- I observe that people are working on things like versa, treehugger, RDFtwig, so other people seem to be moving in the same direction.

Therefore I infer a standard here would be useful. The DAWG folks could work on this, and admittedly I haven't been following their work in depth, but they seem to be focused on a more SQL like language. That's useful, but a bit verbose for the type of applications where you use something like XPath. I think Versa is good example of a language that works in quite a different way to the SQL / RDQL languages which is much less verbose.

> Not to say it couldn't be if there was member interest,
> just don't think it is now.

Sure. I'm not expecting a working group next month! Its just you're looking for ways to encourage the use of RDF, right? So I'm just observing such a language would encourage its adoption.

Like I said to Chris Bizer though I may be stating something that is incredibly obvious to you already, so apologies if this is the case :)

> There are several RDF Path-like tools being worked on from
> different people in the community (e.g. versa, treehugger,
> RDFtwig, etc.) . I'll try and get a list to this group shortly.

I think Emmanuel had a partial list, including all the things you list above? So don't worry, unless there is something else important we missed?



> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> (Member only link)
> cheers
> Dr Mark H. Butler
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> Subject: Re: RDF Display Vocabulary Second Draft
> Chris Bizer wrote:
>> As I see it, there are the following proposals:
>> TreeHugger, Demian Steer, 2003-09
>> ReoPath, Neil Deakin, 2003-05
>> N3's Path Syntax, Tim Berners-Lee, 2002-03 A fragment identifier
>> syntax for RDF, Jonathan Borden, 2001-05 Contrasting Logic Over XPath
>> and RDF, Eric Prud'hommeaux, 2002-02 RDFPath Proposal, Aaron Swartz,
>> 2001-06 Quick introduction to RDFPath, Stefan Kokkelink, 2001-03
>> (copied from
>> Emmanuel, do you know about any others?
> There is RxPath [1] which seems interesting.
> [1]
>> We should also decide which functions we are needing, stuff like
>> "_at_startsWith('')" and how we handle
>> conditions:
>> :styleDomain "_at_vCard:TEL [ * [
>> _at_rdf:type=<>] ]"
>> was supposed to mean:
>> Apply the style, on all vCard:TEL properties, which have a resource
>> or bNode as value, which has the RDF type vcard#home. I'm sure that
>> there are better alternatives to my syntax. Any ideas?
> Maybe something closer to the rxPath syntax (if applicable) ould be
> nice.
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