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From: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 14:30:42 -0400

Butler, Mark H (Labs Bristol) wrote:

> Hi,
> You may have seen this already, but it not take a look, its tries to
> achieve a similar goal to Ryan's report.
> Abstract. In this paper, we present an evaluation of four knowledge base
> systems
> (KBS) with respect to use in large OWL applications. To our knowledge,
> no experiment has been done with the scale of data used here. The
> smallest
> dataset used consists of 15 OWL files totaling 8MB, while the largest
> dataset
> consists of 999 files totaling 583MB. We evaluated two memory-based
> systems
> (OWLJessKB and memory-based Sesame) and two systems with persistent
> storage
> (database-based Sesame and DLDB-OWL). We describe how we have performed
> the evaluation and what factors we have considered in it. We show the
> results of the experiment and discuss the performance of each system. In
> particular,
> we have concluded that existing systems need to place a greater emphasis
> on scalability.

Awesome! thanks a lot

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