Re: Xenon and Fresnel

From: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 12:25:44 -0500

Chris Bizer wrote:

> What do you think about Xenon?

Xenon has the same values and the same problems of XSLT: for example,
the use of the XML syntax for XSLT drew way more criticism than plea and
the idea of using XSLT to transform XSLT itself is the tipical "solution
in search for a problem".

Moreover, the trend in template system design is always been to move
from what is called "Model 1" (where the context population and the data
presentation are in the same page, done by the same person) to what is
normally called "Model 2" (where the context population is done before,
normally in code, and the data presentation is done on a later stage).

There is general tendency (from all the template systems that have to
deal with real-life user requests) to move away from a Model 1 because
everybody realized that the people that are normally responsible for
creating the template don't have enough of a "programmatic mental model"
to use turing-complete languages and query languages (xpath for xslt,
rdql/sparql for xenon).

Of course, the above is a debatable point, but if I imagine anybody in
my group here at the libraries that has to write or even maintain a
Xenon template, I find myself thinking that I end up doing all the work

I don't question its power or elegance (I do question the choice of the
RDF model and syntax for describe it, which feels rather "golden
hammer"-ish to me, but that's another story), that's not where my
concerns reside, but I agree with Ryan that implementing Fresnel using
existing Model2-friendly template systems (such as velocity) is winner
in our usage context because, first: we don't have to write the template
system since it's already there and second: it's waaaay easier to
maintain since it's java code and simple pages with variable expansions
and a few conditionals and iterations.

Therefore, just like Ryan, I would welcome an independent implementation
of Fresnel using Xenon or something equivalent, but I wouldn't
personally spend any energy on that.

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