Roll-out of stripped-down version of Haystack

From: Stephen J. Garland <>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 17:50:16 -0500

Project Simile (see, in conjunction with Project
Haystack (see, has created the Hayloft
(see, a repository of components for a
refactored and stripped-down version of the Haystack Semantic Web
Browser. The components in the Hayloft are organized as plug-ins for
Eclipse 3.0. Initially, the Hayloft contains a single component, the
Haystack Core, on top of which other soo-to-be-released components will

Haystack is a more powerful semantic web browser than Longwell (see, but pays the price of having a much
larger footprint and being much slower. One of the goals of the Hayloft
is to develop and distribute leaner versions of Haystack. See the
Hayloft web page,, for more information.
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