Re: Getting into Fresnel

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 12:31:57 -0500

Hi Hannes,

It's great to hear from you, welcome to the discussion.

Hannes Gassert wrote:
> * I think I read most of what I could get about Fresnel: The sources and
> RDFS files in SVN, the requirements in the Wiki and a number of postings
> on this list. Is there more, an early paper, more specification?

You've pretty much covered it all. You should see more by the end of
March, if not earlier.

> * At the end of the Xenon paper they mention the authoring/editing side
> of data presentation, forms and stuff. What's Fresnel's take on this?

We haven't discussed using Fresnel as a method for specifying authoring
interfaces. I do believe it could be extended to specify how to present
an XForm or forms in XHTML based on a schema. Were you interested in
taking up an effort to explore that issue?

> * Do you think that something like paged result sets could be done with
> Fresnel/lenses? It seems related presentation knowledge, but probably
> that's rather not in the scope, is it?

I would personally think that belongs to the layer that determines what
data is displayed. I can see the relation to display in that the rank
of each object and some UI for navigating pages is necessary, but that
seems like an application specific behavior; i.e., the application that
understands Fresnel should also have its own handler for paging that
works alongside Fresnel to present something to the user.

> (some PHP guy currently visiting at and just getting into all
> this great stuff :))

Fresnel in PHP? :)

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