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I wonder what happens if you take it to SWOOGLE ?

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It looks great, and the step-by-step "Have Fun with It" part is very useful. It's the kind of thing that most free software is sorely lacking as a way to get to step 2 with the software.
I'm sure the "Developer's Guide" is a big project itself, but just a few paragraphs there as well will be really helpful. Specifically, while the User's Guide refers to "semantic information tidbits ... that Piggy-Bank retrieves from links embedded within the web page you're currently viewing" and browsing "to a web-page with semantic data," having a little more detail about what Piggy-Bank looks for and what it does with it will encourage more people to add such metadata. (Woo-hoo! An app that checks for and does something with RDF metadata accompanying a web page!)
My guess based on a bit of experimenting: Piggy-Bank looks for link elements in a web page's head element that have a _at_type value of "application/rss+xml" or "application/rdf+xml" and loads the triples that it finds in the resource identified by the _at_href attribute. Does it do anything with any other attributes of the link element, such as @rel and @title?
You might want to start a Wiki page or something where people can add URLs of web pages that have metadata that looks good in Piggy-Bank, and then you could add that Wiki to the list of three links on the "This webpage contains no information tidbits that can be saved" default sidebar.
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