Re: Strange reaction to RSS 0.91 ?

From: David Huynh <>
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 13:23:54 -0500

Hi Jan,

Thanks again for trying out Piggy-Bank!

Piggy-Bank currently handles only RDF/XML and N3 files. We have logged
this issue here:
If you find other issues with Piggy-Bank, please log them in our issue
tracking system.



Jan Egil Kristiansen wrote:

>At feeds like the one at my blog, I get two anonymous resources, with Type: title but no value for that title, and an anonymous channel.
>I understand that the Piggy Bank does not attempt to get all RDF triples. But in this RSS feed, I would think that the only resources worth saving, are the feed itself, and each item?
>RSS 1.0 feeds like works quite nicely (because RSS 1.0 is RDF?) but it seems better to ignore 0.91 feeds.
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