Re: problem with Piggy Bank

From: Gavin Fleming <>
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 14:26:22 +0200

no that doesn't work either - I tried that first. It comes up with the same page of inactive links as the My Piggybank page
>>> 02/03 12:19 pm >>>
Could you try clicking Details... instead of Save All on the sidebar?
This should let you browse the data in the main browsing area without
saving that data permanently. If that seems to work then we can worry
about why the data doesn't show up in your permanent piggy bank.
Gavin Fleming wrote:
>I press Save all, it says all content saved (this example from the
>FOAF page), but still my piggy bank is empty...?
>>>> 03/02/2005 12:46:53 >>>
>I can answer your second point: that's because you have to save the RDF
>content to your piggybank (it doesn't do that automatically): press Save
>or Save All
>Gavin Fleming wrote:
>>I installed the Piggy Bank extension onto Firefox 1.0 running on SuSE
>>9.1, with JRE 1.4.2 plugin.
>>The sidebar works and it appears to intercept each page as it loads.
>>However there appear to be two problems:
>>1) as I load more tabbed pages Firefox gets slower and slower and I
>>to kill Piggybank.
>>2) Even after Piggy Bank has found RDF content on a page it doesn't
>>serve up any results. I view the 'my piggybank' page and all the links
>>are inactive.
>>are these known issues? How can I resolve them?
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