Re: Piggy-Bank Enabled-Website logo

From: David Huynh <>
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 11:38:51 -0500

Chris Bizer wrote:

>Hi David,
>also my congratulations for PIGGY-BANK. Really a nice tool :-)
>For playing around with it, we made our institute website Piggy-Bank
>enabled. See:
Hi Chris, this is awesome! That's exactly how we would like to see
people react to the tool--publish more RDF!

>Works fine, the only problem is that nobody beside of us (and maybe you)
>will ever find the data.
>What to you think about having a "Piggy-Bank Enabled-Website" logo, like the
>XHTML compliant website logo, that people could put on their sites in order
>to indicate, that it might be a good idea to use Piggy-Bank while browsing.
>Or maybe in order to be more general, not Piggy-Bank enabled but some other
>name, indicating that data can be harvested with all kinds of tool which
>support your <link rel="alternate" type="application/rdf+xml" href="...">.
That's a great idea! I'll try to think up some graphics... Picture of a
piggy-bank might work for the extension's icon but probably doesn't look
professional enough on institutional web sites... :-)

I wonder how people have been reacting to the "RDF Metadata" icon. I
think that's good for conveying to Semantic Web aware folks--it's
speaking "technology". We probably want an icon that speak
"functionality"--what the user can do beyond the web interface--browse
and save tidbits.

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