Re: Piggy-Bank Enabled-Website logo vs RDF logo

From: Eric Miller <>
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 13:40:46 -0500

On Feb 8, 2005, at 12:28 PM, Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:

> Jan Egil Kristiansen wrote:
>> At 15.31 08-02-2005, you wrote:
>>> What to you think about having a "Piggy-Bank Enabled-Website" logo,
>>> like the
>>> XHTML compliant website logo, that people could put on their sites
>>> in order
>>> to indicate, that it might be a good idea to use Piggy-Bank while
>>> browsing.
>> I don't quite like the idea of logos for specific tools. That's too
>> much like "Best with Internet Explorer".
>> I'd rather put an "RDF" logo on my page, to indicate that Piggy Bank
>> or whatever can find RDF data. Except that Piggy Bank doesn't use an
>> RDF with the common rdf:Description elements.
> What about deriving the piggy-bank logo from the RDF/Metadata ones [1]?
> [1]

The "RDF metadata" icons that are listed there were (originally)
created specifically for this purpose of indicating (to a human) there
is machine readable RDF metadata available. Tools like piggy-bank that
actually *do* things with this data however are the driving forces
which makes this work :) My preference however would be to re-use the
RDF metadata icons, as if we do this right this data will be useful to
more than just piggy-bank!

If the group decides however, it would like to extend these icons, let
me know and I'll have these linked / or included on the RDF icons page.

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