Re: Longwell vs. threestore

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 15:15:50 -0500 wrote:
> Hello,

Hi Yvette,

> I'm sure I've missed something very obvious, but while trying to get
> Longwell (1.0.1) working with 3store (2.2.19), I kept getting this
> error:

You didn't miss anything and you're absolutely correct that there is an
error in the code.

> In order to get around it, I had to make a change in the
> file that wasn't consistent with the user guide or
> the sample files.
> Instead of "repository.type=3store" I switched to
> "repository.type=threestore" since "threestore" appeared to be the
> string in ModelConnectorFactory. After the change, I can connect to
> the 3store store without issue.
> I checked out the current SVN version, too, but it seemed to be the
> same in this regard. Sorry if this is the wrong place to have sent
> this, or it has already been addressed and I missed the reference.

This is the right place, and no, nobody had caught it until now. Thanks
for the correction. I'll be making a new release of Longwell to address
the mistake in the code ('3store' will be the correct key value, though
'threestore' will work for this and past versions) and to introduce some
new features.

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